U.N. Sustainable Development Goals / 1st Challenge in June! SDG#2: NO HUNGER BY 2030


SDGs of Summer -Youth Solutions
#2 Sacrifice
#1 Selflesssness #3 Sunshine

Learn about First up: U.N. SDG#2


17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

UAE's efforts supporting U.N. SDGs 2016-2030

UAE SDG Overview

SDGs of Summer 1-2-3! Creative UAE YOUTh solutions - June, July & August


We welcome Secondary School and University student teams comprised of students wishing to engage with SDGs, and mature and motivated youth wishing to contribute brainpower toward Solutions are welcome to join!.


United Nations Assoc. UAE and Arab Youth Venture Foundation are joint producers of 'The SDG Challenge'

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A dynamic, free, and charitable activity that kicks off before the end of Ramadan challenging the minds of UAE youth into the month of June  to arrive at imaginative and viable solutions starting with SDG 2 by way of  teamwork diversity and collaboration.

 A great way to become an engaged global citizen and learn, hands-on about U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)! 

Certificates will be awarded to each team member and the Top 3 Winning teams will be presented special designation and prizes.  


 This is a nationwide challenge culminating in Dubai and both physical and remote/virtual options are possible for team prep and practice. 

We will offer co-working locations soon! 

All Team PRESENTATIONS , or 'SDG Solutions Briefings' will take place in June (date TBC) in Dubai.


 Full of ideas, ready to contribute? REGISTER! 


Registration up until Thurs., May 30

Teams work on their solutions

ANYtime within a 2 week period in June. 

United Nations Assoc. UAE will welcome the top 10 teams to present at

The SDG Challenge - SDG#2 UAE Youth Solutions Briefing 

JUNE 2019 (Date TBC)

10am to 2pm

This event is open to Press



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To assist as global citizen's to arrive at potential solutions to the world's most pressing problems. 

Kicking off during  the holy month of Ramadan we are afforded a blessing in the form of our sacrifice of fasting. It's through this abstinence that we learn empathy and what if feels like to go hungry - the pain and limitations, albeit for a short time.


The inaugural SDG Challenge is open to all interested and motivated students and all will be invited to attend the event briefing May 25. 

* Due to the nature of the U.N. diverse teams will have advantage.


You can bring forth your own team or we may add you to another youth team of similar age and interest area within SDG2  (max 6 per team). 

Your team will decide when, where to meet, how to approach your brainstorming sessions, division of work, how to convey your idea for solution to getting to NO HUNGER by 2030, i.e. the proposal/presentation format you will use (ppt, video, speech, skit).  

10 FINALIST teams will have 10 minutes each to present to the audience and a panel of esteemed leaders and diplomats followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. The SDG Solutions Briefing will be videotaped.

DOWNLOAD More Information:

The SDG Challenge 

Overview & FAQ

United Nations Assoc. UAE present: 


The SDG#2 Challenge (Kicks off May 31) & Solutions Briefing (June, Date TBA)

Open to all UAE students ages 13+

SDGsOfSummer (pdf)


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United Nations Association UAE in partnership with the Arab Youth Venture Foundation

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